I have the solution

Man, our men are mouthy.  I raised them with manners plus they display that respect for the most part.  But, do they ever complain. The slightest discomfort results in moans of displeasure.  It’s as though the entirely thought of folding the laundry is a form of waterboarding. I’m starting to get a wee bit upset about them.  What’s gonna happen when life hits them in between the face? What sort of whining will those circumstances elicit? I shudder at the thought.  As long as they are still at home, I’ll do our best not to blast them with that reality. A sizable complaint has recently been resolved. None of the children were pleased with any of the HVAC temperature control settings.  One felt the HVAC was too cold while the other many thought it was too hot. This generated the whining of which I’ve just written about. It also caused the temperature control dial to get yanked around like a drunk getting tossed from a bar.  The HVAC component was being put under all sorts of undue stress. I was upset for its life so, I called the local heating plus cooling pros. One of their certified HVAC techs came out to have a look at our situation. I was impressed with the time he spent asking questions plus measuring temps throughout the house.  He ultimately came up with a winning solution to our HVAC headache. The HVAC tech recommended he convert our existing heating plus cooling plan to a zoned controlled system. All that had to be done was some minor changes to the duct system. By using some valves plus electric dampers, the HVAC guy said zoned heating plus cooling can be done.  I was all for it. One less whine.