That was hard work

As summer time gave way to fall, I got a call from my tenants that the furnace didn’t labor in their house. They are renting out my old house. When I moved more than two minutes away for labor I decided just to rent out the old place rather than sell it. I periodically regret that I’m not closer because this means that I have to call out a professional whenever something goes wrong rather than service it myself. However, I know that the tenants have small children so I did not hesitate to call out the Heating and AC professionals to come and service the furnace for them. I was wondering how much this was going to set me back when I got a call from the Heating and AC serviceman. She was practically laughing as she spoke to me. It seems the furnace has an on/off switch and someone had turned it off near the unit. The adult renters of the house deny touching it so it must have been one of the adolescents. The serviceman said it was the easiest service call she had ever had and that she wished all heating system repairs were as simple as just flipping a switch. I was grateful that it wasn’t something more fancy. The serviceman also said that she showed the parents where the switch was in case it happens again. I wonder if I can charge my renters for this service bill. I bet I can however I’m not sure that I will. After all, I want them to tell me if something is wrong with the house and not just cover it up. Besides, it was only $45.

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