I’m annoyed by the pet hair

I have no sense of smell. I have to admit, it is a really handy trait. Anytime someone asks if you smell something, it is never something good. I will give up smelling lotions, candles and sprays to never have to smell skunks, black top and factory odors. I love that I can just go about the afternoon and never have an odor ruin it. However, not being able to smell did bite me in the butt recently. I had some people over to our house Last weekend everybody constantly complained about the odor. They said it smelled love something had died in our house. I had to get our sibling to sniff around our locale to locate where the odor was coming from. He found the odor in the wall of our home. I was then forced to call a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to access the ductwork that was sealed in our wall. They had to rip down the wall, open up the Heating and Air Conditioning duct and check inside. Inside of our ductwork was a dead chipmunk. Apparently the critter went through the outdoor Heating and Air Conditioning component and traveling around in our ductwork. It then died and the smell was pushed around our ductwork. This is why our whole beach house apparently smelled love a dead creature. I had to pay for ductwork cleaning and the duct sealing after they tore the duct apart. It was easily expensive and slightly embarrassing. My beach house apparently smelled really exhausting and I did not notice it. No one believes me that the beach house is better too.

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